About the stay connected tour

Taulia Connect 2016 is over. What now?

Don’t worry! You won’t have to wait until Taulia Connect 2017 to see us again.

The Stay Connected Tour is traveling around the world connecting businesses to share learnings, strategies and best practices. Come hear from Taulia customers, industry experts and more while staying connected with your peers at a road show near you!

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Reasons to Attend the Tour

Stay connected to Taulia customers, industry experts and your peers who have a deep understanding of common P2P problems and have developed innovative solutions

Stay up to date on the latest financial supply chain trends, tactics and implementation strategies needed to build an efficient and effective supply chain

Stay in the know with Taulia product launches and updates

There’s a community of people at Taulia who really want to help us be successful...their strategy around helping customers make the most of the product is just phenomenal.

Ron New, VP Finance @ TELUS


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